Wednesday, April 7, 2010


So we, being Jessalyn and Jillian, aka the dynamic duo J-Team!, began this blog months ago...but being both overachievers and procrastinators (yes those two go seamlessly hand in hand) have yet to actually introduce it. As I am supposed to be writing a paper for cultural heritage (while resisting the urge to go play in the rain and jump in puddles) I decide, 'HEY, perfect time to blog.' This will not be our originally intended formal introduction, filled with flourishes and fanfare. Instead, this will be more like one of those nice lil' "HELLO my name is:____" stickers which are impossible to adhere to your post-puberty body in a non-awkward fashion. Anywho...

HELLO, this is the Just Friends: J-Team's Hope College Field Guide Blog by Jillian and Jessalyn. Partially inspired by the book "The Spotter's Guide to the Male Species", the future book "Palatable Phelps: Creative Cures for College Cafeteria Chow", the United Flaming Liberals of Right-Winged Hope College Society, future collaborations of books on the topics spanning theology, hygiene&grooming, relationships, knitting, etc., and finally pretty much every conversation that occurs in Phelps 312.

J-team--we've got a lot to say...on pretty much everything. We've got opinions, warranted or otherwise, that we are willing to share. If anything we at least find our selves, our conversations, and our interactions pretty entertaining. If you're not laughing with us you'll
probably end up laughing at us. So hardy-har-har away.

J-Team Skillz
Jillian: Possesses soapboxes galore.
Jessalyn: Possess not only wisdom but also the ability to phrase everything, even nothing, eloquently.

More in-depth bios to come...

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