Tuesday, April 13, 2010


A product of The Five of Us gathering in the reading room in Van Zoren to do homework:

The Ya-Ya Sisterhood's (+God) List of Male Douche-Baggery
  1. Wine-ing about whether or not...
  2. " " math
  3. Creepers
  4. Cheez-its > boys*
*Kyle=exception; God=exception; Kyle=God?

J's Theological quote of the week: "God is not a douche bag."
So man was created in God's image. The theme this week has sadly been that the majority of "men" (guys, boys, man-babies really) we encounter and/or interact with have been acting like douche-bags (excuse my french). This does not correlate that that is the image of God--cause God is NOT a douche bag, in fact, quite the opposite.

Please note that these are sweeping generalizations. We do have the pleasure of being acquainted with many non-douche bag males. It has just been the sad misfortune that many ladies have been meeting males of the other variety this week.
So if you are one of the non--thank you, please continue to make your presence(s) evident. If you are of the other variety--please, grow up.

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  1. I think I have to agree with the other J on this one... I am a bit too frightened to date the being I worship... and since I don't really want to stop dating Kyle, we'll just say he's most definitely not God. Just as definitely as his not being a douche.