Friday, July 23, 2010

Fair Exchange

by Berle Chambers

If I share with you my body,
will you share with me your heart?
Will you open up the center
of your secret, tender part?

And let me penetrate you,
with the passion that is mine?
Receive my purest essence?
Admit it as divine?

Would you let my love inside you?
Could you give emotion space?
Will you dare the naked truth,
that only lives in love's embrace?

Can you lower your defenses?
Trust me with an open soul?
Won't you show me all your wounds,
and let my loving make them whole?

Could you once try heart connection?
For it is the only way,
to achieve your life's perfection.
Can you take that chance today?

Do you think you have the courage,
to get out of your head?
Can you risk loss of control,
or the tenderness, you dread.

Can you give up all your masks,
and let me show you your true splendor?
Just your love is all I ask.
Can you let your heart surrender?

The sweetest of communions,
is right here for you to take.
Join me now in holy union,
oh, what Glory we could make!

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